Alternate Project

2-D design Alternate Project
Repetition and Positive Negative Space


Work with unifying principles of continuation, repetition, proximity, balance, rhythm, and negative space

Pencils, eraser, ruler, 2 sheets of white Bristol board, variety of black sharpies, micron pens, black ink.

Part 1
                        Panel one:
Pick in object that is of interest to you. Create a silhouette or contour of the object and make a template of this shape.  Make a grid of 12 boxes that are 2”X2” each and fill the grid by repeating your shape in a “checkered” pattern using positive negative space reversal.
Part 2            
Panel two:
Silhouette an object that occupies both positive and negative space. Trace the silhouette multiple times having them overlap. Using pen and marker, fill in only the areas of the silhouette that does not over lap. Leave the over lapped areas white. (at least 10” x 12”)  The composition of this work should be an a-focal field.

Panels three and four:
                   Select a second representational shape that has a relationship to your first   chosen shape that you made the template of.  Create two compositions (10”X12”) with a contour representation of this object.